Delivery Policy

Order processing:

  • Orders completed in the official online store of “Please enter your online store name” will be reviewed within 24 hours and shipped on the same day or the next day after confirming your order
  • All orders are processed on working days (Monday to Friday). If you place your order on weekends or public holidays, it may be delayed
  • We cannot guarantee the accuracy of product descriptions, product images, prices, promotions, inventory, ingredients or other information or content on the website. We cannot confirm the price of the goods before the order is shipped. We reserve the right to modify or update website information, or cancel the order due to inaccurate or missing information. We will not deduct money from your credit card before your order enters the shipping process. If we cancel the order after debiting your credit card, we will refund all the money you have paid to your account. For any order that does not meet our terms and conditions, “” reserves the right to cancel the order

This website provides the following delivery services:
General fresh fruit delivery service (only limited to the following areas)

Except for the promotion activities specified in the official online store, the general shipping costs are handled as follows:
For net purchases of RM200 or more, Zone A is free of shipping; ZoneB to ZoneF enjoy a rebate of RM15 on postage.
Net purchase less than RM200, the postage is below

Own Delivery/Own pick up RM0.00 Flat Price
Zone F at 45-50 km RM40 Flat Price
Zone E at 41-45 km RM35 Flat Price
Zone D at 36-40km RM30 Flat Price
Zone C at 31-35km RM25 Flat Price
Zone B is 26-30km RM20 Flat Price
Zone A first 25 kilometers RM15

Delivery scope:
Zone F at 45-50 km
Zone E at 41-45 km
Zone D at 36-40 km
Zone C at 31-35 km
Zone B at 26-30 km
The first 25 kilometers of Zone A

Please fill in the complete delivery address and make sure the delivery address is accurate
Each order can only be sent to one address. If you want to deliver goods to different addresses, please place orders separately according to different addresses

General delivery time:
Under normal circumstances, other standard food delivery services will arrive at the delivery address within 3 to 5 working days. Orders in remote areas will take 1 to 2 working days to be delivered; the standard delivery service of durian and other fruits will be delivered to the delivery address within 1 to 2 working days.
Monday to Sunday delivery time: 2pm to 7pm
Durian processing and delivery are only on seasonal days
In case of holidays or extreme weather conditions, the delivery time may be extended
Once the order is confirmed, the delivery address cannot be changed, and the store will not be responsible for the wrong address on the order
If the customer fails to receive the item due to personal reasons, please contact our customer service to arrange
All orders must be signed and confirmed when receiving

Cargo tracking/change of address:
The tracking number will be provided to all orders at the time of shipment to facilitate tracking of the goods.
After the goods are sent, if you need to change the address, please contact our customer service to make another arrangement. The additional costs incurred must be paid for
If the customer fails to receive the item due to personal reasons, please contact our customer service to make arrangements. If the shipment fails repeatedly, your order may be cancelled, and the company will not refund

Customer service hotline and service hours:
Service Hotline: 010-666 4169
service hours: Monday to Friday: 10 am to 8:30 pm
Saturday, Sunday, and holidays: 10 am to 8 pm


送货政策 Delivery Policy


  • 「」官方网上商店完成之订单将于24小时内进行审核,并于确认你的订单当天或隔天发货
  • 所有订单均在工作日 (周一至周五) 处理。如阁下是在周末或公众假期下订单,将有可能延期处理
  • 我们不能保证网站上产品说明、产品图像、价格、推广、存货、成分或其他信息或内容的准确性。在订单发货之前,我们无法确认商品的价格。我们保留修改或更新网站资料,或因不准确或遗漏资料而取消订单之权利。在阁下订单进入发货流程之前,我们不会从阁下信用卡中扣除款项。如果我们在从阁下信用卡中扣款后取消订单,我们将把阁下已支付的款项全数退回阁下账户。任何不符合我们条款和条件的订单,「www.brotherdurianss2.com保留取消订单的权利


一般鲜果运送服务 (只限以下地区)



购物净额满 RM200,Zone A免邮;ZoneB至 ZoneF享有回扣RM15的邮费。

购物净额未满 RM200 邮费为以下

Own Delivery/Own pick upRM0.00Flat Price
 Zone F 在45-50公里RM40Flat Price
 Zone E 在 41-45公里RM35Flat Price
 Zone D 在 36-40公里RM30Flat Price
 Zone C 在 31-35公里RM25Flat Price
  Zone B在 26-30公里RM20Flat Price
 Zone A 首25 公里RM15 


Zone F 在45-50公里
Zone E 在 41-45公里
Zone D 在 36-40公里
Zone C 在 31-35公里
Zone B在 26-30公里
Zone A 首25 公里




于正常情况下,其它食品标准配送服务于3至5个工作天内送抵收货地址。偏远地区的订单,额外需时1至2个工作天送达; 榴莲和其它水果标准配送服务于1至2个工作天内送抵收货地址.












服务热线: 010-666 4169


星期一至星期五: 上午10时至晚上8时30分

星期六、星期日、假日: 上午10时至晚上8时

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